Sorry for the easy pun but it's impossible to, uh, hold my excitement, regarding this news. Since Larry and Leon walked off into the Parisian sunset, Curb Your Enthusiasm fans have been patiently awaiting LD to return with another ten episodes of awkward, Bald Asshole exploits. Or, at the very least, admit that season eight was the end—given the uproar and mixed reaction to the Seinfeld finale, its unlikely David will ever announce a series finale in advance again—so that we can all grieve properly. Instead, Larry's flexed his clout with HBO to keep the series in an unprecedented limbo while he goes off and makes whatever his heart desires, be it TV movies or plays (both admittedly hilarious fire).

Each time someone asks him or a co-star about more Curb, they leave the possibility open in the vaguest of terms. The biggest glimmer of hope came when Jeff Garlin said season nine stood a 51% chance of actually happening someday. Welp, maybe that percentage just got bumped up. Chris Law just tweeted that Jeff Schaffer, co-creator of The League, mentioned he had dinner with LD over the weekend and "a Curb movie was discussed, as was another season."

As was??!?! As in a movie or another season, or both?! To further stoke the rumor fire, Larry and Jeff Schaffer already have a working history. Schaffer worked as an executive story editor on Seinfeld for four years, collaborated on the stories for all of Curb season 8 as well as the HBO movie Clear History. When I spoke to Jeff and his wife Jackie last week about the last season of The Leauge, they were intriguingly coy about what they were taking on next:

Jeff: There are a few things we got cooking that I wish we could tell you, but we can’t.

Jackie: Now we just sound like dicks.

Jeff: We just can’t yet. We want to, but we can’t.

Jackie: We don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Jeff: It’s for your own good.

Welp, new shit with Larry David would certainly qualify as a surprise to hold close. Larry's cast and crew have always described a new season as David going radio silent then hitting them up when he has "another idea." Maybe after exploring other things he finally has the right ideas for season nine? As for whether a Curb movie would work, well just look to Clear History which was pretty, pretty, pretty good, or the occasional Curb episode with a movie-esque story in scope like "Mister Softee." Either way, fingers crossed at least one of these becomes real, and soon.