Sorry guys: It looks like our dreams of an eventual Kenan & Kel reunion should be killed right now because apparently, as Kel Mitchell himself told TMZ, Kenan Thompson wants nothing to do with his former orange soda-loving co-star.

Hear that? That's the sound millions of people's childhoods being shattered.

"The truth is Kenan does not want to be seen with me in any form of media, or even have my name mentioned around him," Mitchell told the gossip site when they reached out to him for some scoop on a new pilot he's developing with NBC. He says the two were supposed to reunite for an interview with an unspecified magazine, but Kenan - who currently a cast member on Saturday Night Live - dropped out last minute in a move that Mitchell believes was meant to distance him from their old Nickelodeon series.

"I have not been upset about this. I respect his choice of wanting to make a name for himself solo...There is no bad blood on my side, I’m not declining a reunion, I know the fans love the show and would love to see some type of appearance with us," Mitchell continued. "I just don’t see that ever happening because of how he really feels."

Thompson and his camp have made no comment on Mitchell's claims. This is the worst Thanksgiving weekend ever.

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[via TMZ]