Why He Made The Cut: Their style was All That and then some.

Aw, here it goes! Kenan and Kel were two of Nickelodeon's best talents at a time before it was pumping out child stars at Disney-channel levels. Granted, for every Nick Cannon we get an Amanda Bynes, so it went with Kenan and Kel after the '90s. But man, during their heyday, they at least looked fresh. Kel often sported bucket hats and snapbacks, and even rocked gear like Tommy Jeans overalls and chore jackets. Not one to be out done, Kenan often rocked hockey jerseys and patterned short-sleeve button downs. While Kel outdressed him back then, we all know we can find Kenan on Saturday Night Live today-while Kel... well, he was in a KFC commercial once.