In our increasingly connected society, friendship is a universal language. For those close enough to achieve and maintain that enviable higher plane of friendship, this language is so unbelievably potent that words are often avoided entirely, which is tremendous because actually speaking to anyone is such a bore.

To test the accuracy of these assertions, three endlessly hilarious celebrities three esteemed scientists known to most of their colleagues as Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, and Will Ferrell decided to film an experiment centered on the theory that two friends could easily carry on an emotionally charged conversation using only lengthy stares and enthused glances. Fallon and Timberlake are tasked with the staring, while fledgling baseball star Ferrell simply watches from afar as a scientific observer.

Use this trio's brave discoveries as fuel for your own friendships, meaning you should all definitely stop using actual words and audible expressions permanently. A stare between friends is worth a thousand words, but a third friend watching that mutual stare take place while longingly questioning his or her own place within the friendship? That's priceless.