Two American marines on a high-speed train from Paris to Amsterdam tackled a gunman who moments before had opened fired on the passengers. The New York Times reports that the gunman wounded at least three people, including one of the marines who, according to reports from the French media, is now said to be in critical condition.

The other marine had more minor injuries, but was also stabbed by the gunman, who was armed with a knife in addition to an automatic pistol and Kalashnikov rifle. The two were able to restrain him until the train arrived at the Arras station, where the shooter was arrested.

The names of the marines were not given, but the interior minister of France Bernard Cazeneuve thanked the men during a press conference at the Arras train station. He praised them for their "great bravery" and said that if they hadn't been able to "neutralize this extremely violent passenger," they would have been "confronted with a terrible tradgedy."

The alleged shooter's name was not given, but France Info reports that he is 26 years old and possibly of Moroccan origin. Earlier today, another French politician Sébastian Peitrasanta told the news outlet that all signs indicate this was an act of terrorism. 

[via the New York Times and France Info]