Location: Phoenix, AZ
Notable Residents: n/a
Amenities: Inmates get to live outside—in tents

Here's a good reason to stay out of trouble in Arizona, or just stay out of Arizona altogether: The overwhelmingly-popular incumbent Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio set up "Tent City," an extension of Maricopa County Jail, back in 1993. Located literally in a yard, Tent City features two watch towers for security, a perimeter lined with stun fences, facial recognition software, and K-9 units for additional security. There's even a classification unit that performs background checks to make sure that inmates are not dangerous before they're sent to live in the tents. Good to know that the state cares about them that much, right?

The biggest problem with Tent City, other than the fact that it's a modern-day outdoor concentration camp, is the vicious desert temperatures that prisoners face. Last summer, when the temperature in Arizona registered at a boiling 118 degrees, Arpaio decided to measure the temperature inside of Tent City: 145 degrees. Arpaio has been criticized for Tent City, as many have dismissed it as an unsuitable alternative to housing prisoners. Arpaio has also been criticized because a number of Tent City prisoners have never been convicted—they're simply waiting for their trials to begin. What do you really expect from someone who brought chain gangs back and questioned President Obama's birth certificate?