The internet — though a breeding ground for all things creative, surprising, and profound in a 21st century existence — is still not above falling victim to the predictable behavior we've come to expect from the deviceless portions of our lives. For example, when the world started noticing Mexican model and Televisa Monterrey meteorologist Yanet García — the internet's response of self-inflicted explosion (including a very on-their-thirst-behavior subreddit) wasn't exactly a shock.

García has brilliantly embraced the recent publicity, quickly adding hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, et al. When we first reported on the atomic rise of Yanet García in June, she had a totally reasonable 56,000 followers on the 'gram. As of July 9, that number had ballooned to 510,000 (!).

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility old videos of you playing volleyball. A particularly meticulous García fan uploaded the video above shortly after her atomic rise began, claiming that García was but 19 years old when the footage was taken.

Oh, internet. Never change.