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Video has surfaced appearing to depict a very public fight between actor / performance artist Shia LaBeouf and actress Mia Goth in Germany. The video, compiled above, features more than its fair share of unsettling remarks from LaBeouf — including an admission to an intervening group of locals that he "would have killed her" if he hadn't been removed from the argument. Elsewhere, LaBeouf appears to make an attempt to FaceTime former Transformers co-conspirator Megan Fox before engaging in a brief conversation with the person filming the clip about his backpack — loving referred to here as his "home."

Though some outlets are reporting that LaBeouf and Goth may have both sustained injuries at some point during the fight, their respective representatives have remained silent. Paired with LaBeouf's relatively recent foray into the medium of full-time performance art — including self memeification, dropping lifted bars in the woods, broadcasting his heartbeat during this year's SXSW, and an ongoing detour through the world of poetweets — the incident in Germany could very well be everything you assume it to be or nothing of the sort.

Some have speculated that LaBeouf is intoxicated throughout the clip, thus prompting the iPhone-armed locals to intervene and offer to remove LaBeouf from the argument — ultimately dropping him off at the airport. LaBeouf tells the group he's en route to Texas, though Entertainment Tonight points out that the accuracy of that final destination is uncertain.

More to come.