While it's not clear whether this mysterious video of Shia LaBeouf freestyling in the woods was recorded before or after he injured his head, here it is, it exists, deal with it. 

The actor, performance artist, motivational speaker, and poet can add yet another "talent" to his resume. 

At least we know it (hopefully) wasn't written.

UPDATE, June 28, 10:06 p.m. ET: JK Y'ALL, IT WAS WRITTEN.

Jay Smooth, creator of the hip-hop radio show "Underground Railroad" on WBAI, tweeted that some of the lines from Shia's so-called freestyle rap were lifted from a track called "Perfectionist" by the Anomolies

Apparently he plagiarized more than one line from the track, including the "gas mask / last laugh" line.

It's a dark day for Shia.