As we edge closer to July 4th weekend, the bizarre display of raw patriotism often associated with the holiday comes swiftly into view. You know — It's Labor Day Independence Day, so someone's grandpa will eat seven f:)cking hot dogs. You'll get into an argument about politics with your girlfriend's uncle. The neighbors will launch fireworks into your garage. When will someone finally take a stand against the tomfoolery?

Enter Shia LaBeouf.

Fresh off the heels of some fascinatingly woods-delivered bars, LaBeouf visited Mount Rushmore recently to unleash some equally lit political commentary in the form of simple bursts of shouting — namely "America!" and some well-timed screams. As well-documented, these decidedly LaBeoufian incidents are very much part of an orchestrated public performance which — thus far — has included running a (meta)marathon, inviting strangers to accept his person-to-person silent apology for plagiarism, reinventing the art of movie premieres and press conferences, streaming his heartbeat during SXSW, and the aforementioned woods rap.

Thus, let's appreciate these self-induced ripples in the matrix of celebrity for what they truly are — public performances, not tabloid-ready freakouts.