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As new details emerge surrounding Thursday's movie theater shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, the narrative grows increasingly clear. John Russel Houser, the 59-year-old shooter, should never have had access of any kind to a firearm. Houser, who unloaded at least 13 shots during a screening of Trainwreck and murdered at least two people, reportedly had a long and complicated history of volatile mental instability — often exhibiting itself in dangerous acts of violence.

In 2008, Houser's (then) wife obtained a restraining order against him after stating she was "fearful of him," according to CNN. Houser also had a history of posting "hundreds" of extreme anti-government screeds on various message boards, including Tea Party Nation and He also actively expressed interest in the Westboro Baptist Church protests, the Ku Klux Klan, Holocaust denier groups, and once described neo-Nazi leader David Duke as "exactly what [the] U.S. needed." Just two years before the restraining order was obtained, Houser was denied a concealed carry permit due to a prior arrest related to an arson incident. Houser received mental health treatment in 2008 and 2009, though the details surrounding that treatment — including Houser's progress and response — are unknown.

Upon arriving in Lafayette earlier this month, Houser moved into a Motel 6 just four miles from his eventual shooting target — the Grand 16 theater. After searching the room, local authorities discovered several disguise-aiding items including multiple wigs.