The Netherlands is currently experiencing its worst storm in at least a century alongside much of Europe, with several deaths reported due to falling trees and other debris. However, these less-than-desirable conditions didn't prevent the pilots of a Boeing 777 from sticking one of the most daring landings in aviation history.

Facing winds well over 75 miles per hour, the video above clearly shows the struggle of the aircraft against the intruding forces of nature — though the pilots ultimately overcome the challenge after a hold-your-breath series of bobs and weaves. After landing at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, one would hope that everyone onboard took advantage of the region's profoundly progressive thoughts on the legalities surrounding hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Of course, this undeniably wild maneuver joins the surprisingly long list of nerve-wracking plane landings — including the time two pilots successfully landed a Boeing 747SP (i.e. a jumbo jet) on a Cessna-sized runway (i.e. not equipped for jumbo jet takeoffs or landings). Give these pilots a raise, yeah?