When Shia LaBeouf was arrested at Studio 54 for wilding out during Cabaret, we thought he would finally fade into the background for a while. A few short months later and the actor is back to continue his new career as a performance artist.

Earlier this month, he began leaving clues for his next piece on Twitter. Using Nike+ technology, he posted his run routes which spell out the letters for a performance he is calling #METAMARATHON. It's not as cool as using the app to draw penises, but it seems to have been effective.

Image via thecampaignbook on Twitter

LaBeouf then tweeted the date and location of the performance, and it was confirmed by the Stedelijk Museum's calendar of events on their website. The museum posted the following short message about the Sept. 25 event: "Shia LaBeouf will embark upon a metamarathon around the perimeter of the Stedelijk Museum. Visitors are invited to participate. Running shoes optional. Starts at 2:00 p.m."

If this is anything like his #IAMSORRY performance (which Marina Abramovic called "manipulative"), fans who participate should expect to leave confused and weirded out. We're curious to know how LaBeouf came up with this piece, given his history of plagiarism, and we're eager to see how this all plays out.

[via Artnet]