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Empire is getting ready to go bigger in season two with a grip of major stars, but even more pivotal could be a new, recurring characters's storyline. TVLine has learned the show is casting for a teenage rapper named Betty Barz, described as "moody, outspoken, and unapologetically butch." Her talent has helped the Brownsville rapper win "more rhyme battles and girls’ hearts than the best male vets on her block." It's unclear if those descriptions means she'll be a lesbian or just that much doper than everyone else. 

Betty Barz's deal with Empire Entertainment won't ensure her success, though, as her "deep fears push her toward self-sabotage." The only person who can talk her down is her incarcerated drug kingpin father, "Pops."

We doubt Cookie can be touched as the queen of the show, but this sounds like a potentially huge role. We'll see when the character is introduced in the Sept. 23 season premiere.