Empire's immediate success led Fox to renew the surprise hit for a second season after just two episodes. Ratings have only increased since, creating massive hype for season two before this one even ends. THR reports Fox already has some huge decisions to make, including whether to air repeats this summer, how long the second season will be (Lee Daniels doesn't want to do more than 12), and how soon it can get new episodes back on the air. 

Meanwhile the creative team is already getting ready for some big changes. Showrunner Ilene Chaiken is stacking the writing staff. "I wanted to bring in some playwrights because we have these delicious soap turns but we also have very layered character development," co-creator David Strong told THR.

Daniels also wants to change the story to include more lower-class African Americans. "I think we've seen the opulence," he said, "but now we have to go back to where they come from."

We can expect more big names to become involved, with Spike Lee telling Daniels he wants to direct an episode. He's just one of many people who want to guest-star or guest-direct in an episode. Daniels has been lobbying to get Oprah Winfrey on the show, as well.