There are many lessons to be learned with this story, but we'll start with the most important — synthetic weed is a profoundly lame substance for profoundly lame people with a profoundly lame idea of what "high" actually means. In short, weed won't kill you (not a chance) — but those lab chemicals you're excitedly inviting into your lungs whenever you smoke 'spice' or any synthetic marijuana like a desperate 6th grader certainly might.

An Israeli pizza shop owner disregarded all of this, serving two police officers a pizza sprinkled with synthetic marijuana after one of the officers reportedly told the shop owner to "put whatever he wanted" on the pie. Of course, the two officers became ill and eventually procured hospital tests revealing they had been kindly dosed with Nice Guy. The pizza shop owner was promptly arrested, saying he "knew the pizza was for the cops" but "the guy I spoke with [when placing the order] sounded cool."

In short — real marijuana > synthetic marijuana, as always.