John Stamos has confirmed your greatest wish — iconic 90s mainstay Full House is being properly resuscitated via Netflix. During an interview on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Stamos claimed the deal on this "labor of love" had been finalized just "five minutes ago" after years of deliberation. "We wanted to give credit to the legacy," says Stamos. "We didn't want to throw [that] away."

Though Stamos couldn't give a solid answer on any sort of Olsen twins participation (pretty unlikely given their successful transition into the fashion industry), he did reveal that the revival will consist of 13 episodes and aims to include as many members of the former cast as possible — particularly in the one-hour premiere episode.

UPDATEDeadline is now reporting that the new series will be entitled Fuller House and will be available on Netflix in 2016. The spinoff will apparently be centered around DJ Tanner and her three children, following a traditional Full House reunion of sorts in the premiere episode.