Shia LaBeouf's been making a habit of "borrowing" from other people as of late. Whether it's works of fiction or pre-existing apologies when he's caught lifting from works of fiction, your boy Louis Stevens just can't escape the dreaded "plagiarist" label that's been branded on him. Luckily, when it comes to style, you can substitute "copycat" with being a willing #influencee of that someone else's steez.

One look at Sir LaBeouf's latest public outings leads to a look at his history of public appearances, and after that it's not long until you realize the startling discovery: Shia LaBeouf, in all his grungy, tattered multi-millionaire-but-I-give-a-fuck glory, is nothing but a product of the Olsen twins' influence.

Remember when Mary and Kate used to enjoy trolling everyone by gallivanting around in outfits the Salvation Army would cast a sideye towards? It's clear that Shia does. If you doubt it, click through for 10 Ways the Olsen Twins' Mid-2000s "Homeless Chic" Look Influenced Shia LaBeouf's Style.

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