Why you should know her: She’s made her way from character actor to leading lady

Jenny Slate’s career hasn’t been perfect, and many people know her for her Saturday Night Live blunder, in which she accidentally dropped an F-bomb in her first episode ever. Because of this mistake, she wasn’t renewed for another season, and subsequently left the show. However, she didn’t let this one mishap be a career-ender for her.

Slate had her own regular show at Upright Citizens Brigade, and created the viral video “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” This video was so successful that it got a sequel and its own children’s book. Since then, Slate has managed to get a ton of recurring roles on many of TV’s funniest shows, like House of Lies, Bob’s Burgers, and Kroll Show. One of her best roles was on Parks and Recreation, where she played Mona-Lisa Saperstein, the sister of Jean-Ralphio, and her and Ben Schwartz were one of the best comedic duos on television. In 2014, she landed her first leading role, in the indie abortion-centered rom-com Obvious Child. Jenny Slate has shown that she can succeed in any type of role, and will most likely be working for a long time, in both TV and movies.