Watching television (or what we used to call television) on your phone has become the go-to standard for describing how far we’ve come technologically. And why shouldn’t it be? Just a few years back, families were tethered to their TVs—those glowing screens that had replaced so many fireplaces in American homes over the last century. It seems that the corded shackles of the living room are finally off, and we can enjoy streaming television anytime, anywhere (where there’s Wi-Fi or LTE).

Though most people know that they can watch television on their phones, even power smartphone users aren’t taking full advantage of their streaming options. Many people who have taken the plunge to formally cutting the cord with their cable box can’t name more than a few services that bring TV right to your phone. For those of you who have joined the revolution but don’t know exactly where to go from here, here are some TV-Streaming Apps Every Smartphone Owner Should Download, available on Windows Store.