Nintendo is offering a free month of the Wii Fit U fitness program for Wii U owners starting November 1. The pack of fitness games can be downloaded from Nintendo's eShop starting the first of November and runs through the end of January 2014. During the trial period users can experience 77 different activities including 19 training modes, many of which will work with the Wii U Gamepad controller.

Wii Fit U was designed to be used with the Fit Meter accessory, the flat pad that players can either stand of sit on, but man features are accessible without it. So fitness enthusiasts who decide they want to go beyond the free month will need to purchase the Fit Meter for $19.99.

Wii Fit U launches in full on December 13, so if you want to try out all the new butt-based games Nintendo has been cooking-up it's worth a look.

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[Via Polygon]