I've made dumb bets before. Snorting a line of salt for ten dollars in the ninth grade immediately comes to mind. But that was painful more than embarassing.

friendly wager has been made between San Francisco 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ahead of their highly anticipated showdown this Sunday night in Seattle.

These two superstar quarterbacks, and Madden NFL 25 stars, will enter Sunday’s battle with an added incentive towards victory. Sure there are season standings, ranking, and pride, but there is also the very real threat of looking like a mildy brain damaged burn victim to boot. The winner of Kaepernick and Wilson’s wager, made while playing Madden NFL 25will earn bragging rights while the loser will be forced to shave off one of his eyebrows. No word if the loser gets to choose the left or right brow.

Fans will able to find out who is %50 weirder looking after the game this Sunday.

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