The quarterback is the most influential position in all of sports. Ten of the last 15 Super Bowl MVPs and 11 of the last 15 regular season MVPs have been quarterbacks. Teams can win without having a great QB (word to the '03 Bucs) but having a skilled player under center makes things a whole lot easier. With the 2013 season getting fully underway today, we're taking a look at which teams are put at an advantage because of their solid passers and which ones should start looking at their backup options.

And since it's always more fun to put the spotlight on the unfortunate (a la your 5th grade teacher always calling on the poor kid with the speech impediment to read), we're ranking this season's starters in reverse order from best to worst. How bad can things get when Terrelle Pryor is your starter? Al Davis returning as a zombie in an attempt to set things straight? Can Tom Brady keep New England in the hunt with one former receiving option in Denver and the other rocking an orange uniform of a whole different sort? Find out the answers to those questions and more in our 2013 NFL Starting  Quarterback Rankings: From Best to Worst.

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