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Facebook Homes Celebrates 1 Million Downloads, A month after its release for iOS and Android, Home finally reached 1 million downloads. However, the numbers fall short of where the company actually wants to be. (5/13)

Samsung Plans to Introduce 5G by 2020, The mega company promises to produce a fifth generation network by 2020, with the capabilities to download an entire movie in one second. (5/13)

BlackBerry Announces BBM for iOS and Android, Arriving This Summer, After months and months of trying to stay relevant among tech companies, Blackberry has finally decided to make their universal messaging service available to iOS and Android users. (5/14)

Watch the 1 World Trade Center’s Spire Be Put on from the POV of the Spire, Watch this moment in history as the World Trade Center joins the ranks as one of the tallest buildings in the world. The view isn’t so bad either. (5/14)

Your Childhood Dreams, on Steroids: Check Out This 2.5-Mile Long Lego Train Track, The little kid in you is doing cartwheels, isn’t he? Check out exactly what it takes to set the world record for Lego train tracks. (5/15)

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Donate $70 Million to Start Tech Entrepreneur Program at USC, The USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation will be a four-year program focused on forward-thinking modernization. Fall 2014 will mark the program's first year, with 25 students being chosen for their stellar academic pedigrees and "original thought." (5/15)

Will Google’s All Access Be Better Than Spotify?, During Google’s I/O Conference they announced their new music platform, which is similar to Spotify. Since the announcement, #SpotifyKiller has gone viral. What do you think will happen? (5/15)

Google Partners with NASA to Study Artificial Intelligence, Among all the hype surrounding Google during the I/O conference, now we find out that they also partnered with NASA to study artificial intelligence. Read on to find out exactly what they will be doing. (5/16)

A Huge Asteroid Will Fly Be Earth on May 31, Go get your telescopes and be on the lookout for the asteroid that NASA said is just missing Earth. (5/16) 

Ten Percent of Facebook Users Aren't Even Human, As it turns out, more than 100 million Facebook profiles aren't human: they're pets, objects or brands. (5/17)

Yahoo Looks to Step Up its Social Media Game with Potential Purchase of Tumblr, According to sources, Mayer has made an offer of $1 billion to Tumblr CEO, David Karp. If the deal goes through, Yahoo would increase its monthly page views by 15 billion, thanks to Tumblr's 107 million microblogs. (5/17)