The 90s was a great time to be a kid and a gamer. Some might argue it was the best time for gaming—there were no micro-transactions or online passes, and heavy hitters like Nintendo, Sega and Square Enix were knocking them out of the park with every release.

Talk to any gamer in their twenties now about their top favorite games and it's practically guaranteed they'll go into a nostalgia-tinged rant about a Mario, Pokémon or Final Fantasy game from the 90s. And rightfully so, since those were some of the best games ever made.

You already know if you were a true gamer kid in the 90s. You feel it every day when you think back on all those Saturday mornings filled with Pokémon cartoons. Occasionally you can still feel the outline of your Gameboy Color in your pocket, even though it's not there. And sometimes there's nothing you'd rather do than get the old gang together for some Goldeneye 007 multiplayer.

Here are ten more signs you were a gamer in the 90s.

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