As Seen In: Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Other Significant Work: Confused girl in Gladiator (2000); Condescending cheerleader in Law & Order: SVU
Place Of Birth: Vienna, Austria

There are few names in extras known to always bring the heat. Sammy "Stinkface" Schmaltz is one of those names. Casting directors know that if they need an extra to look unimpressed or surprised, Stinkface is the only person to call.

Her work in Silver Linings Playbook is the best example of Schmaltz's talent. When Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper perform a painful-to-watch dance, it was Schmaltz's time to shine. In fact, her performance drew comparisons to other Extra Greats like Maude "Hold the Phone!" Jenkins and Thomas "You Can't Do That In Here!" Christopher. We highly recommend checking out her earlier work, as the confused girl during a fight scene in Gladiator and as the condescending cheerleader in Law and Order: SVU. —TA