Granted there's a distinct lack of actual game play in the new trailer for NHL 14, that's not going to stop hockey fans from getting their teeth punching techniques polished up.

EA Sports has announced that their latest title will include a new feature: NHL Collision Physics. Which sounds like something that you might come across at the Large Hadron Collider, but is actually just a more efficient way of recreating shoulder checking someone through the glass. The new physics system is based on the FIFA Player Impact Engine, which fans of FIFA can attest, made the game all the more realistic.

EA will also be using another proprietary engine, The Enforcer Engine, from their Fight Night series to really make you feel like you're going to rupture an organ from those body shots.

"We're very proud of the history of innovation that the EA Sports NHL franchise has produced on this console generation, and this year we're amplifying that innovation by leveraging technology from teams like FIFA and Fight Night," Dean Richards, general manager, NHL, EA Sports said in a prepared statement. "This year fans will feel the speed, skill and aggression of NHL hockey like never before, powered by some of the best EA Sports technology to create the best game we could ever imagine."

Watch the reveal teaser and let us know what you think. Like we said, not a lot of actual game play, just a lot of shaky camera pans and The Dropkick MurphysNHL 14 drops on Sept. 10 in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.