Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Stars: George Clooney, Sandra Bullock
Release Date: To be determined

Nothing against Sandra Bullock…. OK, she in no way deserved that Oscar for The Blind Side—there, we said it. Now that we’ve gotten that off our chest, let it be known that we think she’s a gifted actress, but would she be our first choice to star in a supposedly one-woman-show flick about an astronaut who’s trapped inside a space station after a satellite crashes into it? Definitely not.

Still, we’re more than willing to give Gravity a full-hearted benefit of the doubt for one reason, and one reason only: director Alfonso Cuarón, the genius behind Y Tu Mamá También and Children Of Men. Co-written with his son, Jonas Cuarón, and TV veteran Rodrigo García (Six Feet Under, Carnivale), Gravity is Daddy Cuarón’s first directorial effort in six years; if it’s anywhere near as phenomenal as 2006’s Children Of Men, we’ll totally forgive Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side. Screw it, maybe even All About Steve, too.