For years, Juno Temple has been that girl you see in the all of the major dramas whose face you haven’t been able to put a name to. She’s that girl who’s the subject of a bunch of Tyler Shields photo shoots. Oh, and she’s in the headline of a number of those “Next in Hollywood” profiles. But this summer, you’re guaranteed to remember who she is.

First of all, you couldn’t have missed her in The Dark Knight Rises. As 13-year-old prostitute Holly Robinson, the 23-year-old actress played Catwoman Selina Kyle’s doting young sidekick. Up next, she’ll be premiering her most memorable, albeit teeth-cringing, role yet: as a 12-year-old country bumpkin whom her brother (played by Emile Hirsch) uses as a ransom to placate the titular hitman Killer Joe (Matthew McConaughey). And if you’ve read anything about Killer Joe, out this Friday, it’s a black comedy thater, comfortably tussles with the most taboo situations.

Clearly, Juno Temple's talent for risqué roles won't let us forget her anytime soon, so we might as well get cozy with the future Oscar winner. That said, get to know more about the up-and-coming English actress after the jump.