With The Walking Dead breaking TV ratings records nearly every week, the zombie genre is hitting heights that it has never experienced before. Of course this means that Hollywood will stop at nothing to try and replicate the undead’s success on the small screen over on the big screen. And the latest big budget zombie offering is World War Z, starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Foster.

Loosely based off of the book by Max Brooks, this movie focuses on a zombie plague that is ravaging the world. The trailer follows the usual zombie movie protocols, but all of those clichés are grounded by the performance of Pitt, who still remains one of the best actors in mainstream cinema. However, the overuse of CGI shown in this footage just makes us scratch our heads.

The zombie genre has always succeeded by giving us gruesome practical effects and stomach-churning makeup to bring these walkers to life, yet here we see literal hordes of CGI zombies running and jumping as if they were part of a triathlon. Couple this with the fact that this film has had some highly-publicized production problems behind the scenes, and we’re left with a project that could go either way.

Hopefully our fears will prove to be unfounded when World War Z hits theaters on June 21, 2013.

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[via Digital Spy]