#6: Sakura

Series: Street Fighter
Debut: Street Fighter Alpha 2
Premise: Super Cherry Blossom Fighter Alpha II Turbo

Complex Says: Sakura Kasugano, Ryu’s biggest fan, was first introuduced in the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter Alpha 2. She took up street fighting after watching Ryu in the first World Warrior tournament. Since then, she has practiced the moves she has witnessed, found a rival in Karin Kanzuki, and traveled with Dan Hibiki and Blanka before ditching them to find Ryu to train her. Ryu refuses and says he is not ready to train her.

Super Cherry Blossom Fighter Alpha II Turbo sounds like a chibi version of a Street Fighter game, but it would be better off as a canon game starring Sakura as opposed to a parody game. Sakura’s character went through ample development through a matter of two Street Fighter games, but we want more! She has a rival in Karin, who is the Ken to her Ryu, that Capcom can build on this for another fighter that’ll take Sakura around her home country Japan to face off against past opponents from Rival Schools or younger versions of future Street Fighter characters.