#2: Iori Yagami

Series: The King of Fighters
Debut: The King of Fighters ‘95
Premise: The King of Fighters: Iori

Complex Says: Iori’s debut in the King of Fighters series as Kyo’s rival was met with praise from SNK fans and fans of the series itself. Iori has been ranked as one of the coolest characters ever created by SNK due to his tragic background story making him a very empathetic character. His lineage has been cursed far before he was born, which will result in an untimely death in his youth. Though he hates Kyo immensely (and blames Kyo’s father for his own father’s death,) they have joined forces to seal Orochi. Ironically enough, Iori hates violence despite his violent nature.

Iori took a backseat in the NESTS saga of the King of Fighters series, but in the current Ash saga he plays a prominent role since he had his flames stolen by Ash Crimson. Though Kyo has grown as the face of the series, Iori has developed beyond his antagonist role especially in the current Ash saga.

We foresee Iori in a spinoff game about his tussle with his curse. The game can be like SNK’s RPG, The King of Fighters: Kyo. The game can explore Iori’s background story specifically his breakup with his girlfriend, his band, and his Orochi blood that makes him dangerous to the people close to him.