The comedienne has her crazy contained to one noteworthy incident, that we know of, but boy is it a doozy. Director David O. Russell is known for his eccentric methods to elicit the best performance possible from his actors, and on the set of I Heart Hucakbees, Lily Tomlin didn’t take to his particular type of motivation.

A pair of on-set videos reveals them both getting on each other’s bad side respectively: Tomlin positively loses her shit during a car scene in a tirade that would make Ari Gold blush, threatening to “break the whole fucking set up.” Then she gets her revenge when she systematically pushes Russell’s buttons until he blows up at her in front of the cast and crew, cursing her out while storming all over the place, hilariously re-appearing in different spots on the set. And you thought your workplace was rife with tension.