At Complex, we're not averse to exposing kids to the adult world. Hell, we've encouraged grown-ups to shape adolescent minds with horror movies and celebrated unexpectedly terrifying children's books. But when a company produces a toy that is suspiciously sexual in nature, we raise an eyebrow.

Admittedly, our warped minds may be projecting filth upon harmless playthings, but what if we're not? With the holiday gift-giving season here, you don't want to be the dude who accidentally purchases X-rated playthings for the tykes. To avoid that awkwardness (and potential criminal charges) avoid everything found on our countdown of The 25 Most Pause-Worthy Children's Toys. And just to be safe, cover any nearby children's eyes before you check the thing out.

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Written by Jack Erwin (@JackEComplex) and Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)