Stars: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Sarah Wayne Collies, Chandler Riggs, Steven Yeun, Laurie Holden, Lauren Cohan, Scott Wilson, David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, Michael Rooker, Dallas Roberts, IronE Singleton, Melissa McBride
Premiere date: October 14

You notice that deafening silence? That's the sound of millions of Walking Dead haters finally shutting their traps. There's really no other way for them to respond now that AMC's zombie apocalypse series has seemingly abandoned its slower, action-less episodes in favor of all-out human-versus-human and human-versus-walker contentions and psychological warfare. The last half of The Walking Dead's second season, overseen by new showrunner Glenn Mazzara (who replaced original shotcaller Frank Darabont), was a breathless onslaught of zombie carnage and killed-off major characters, culminating (finally!) in the introduction of both comic book favorite Michonne (Danai Gurira) and the prison setting of Woodbury.

And anyone who's up on Robert Kirkman's comic knows who's waiting to raise all kinds of sadistic hell inside and outside Woodbury's gated walls: The Governor (Walking Dead newcomer David Morrissey), a cold-blooded alpha male who's about to make the lives of the hardened Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew exceedingly problematic. Even more so than the hundreds of zombies crowding around Woodbury looking to rip open some arms, legs, and other body parts. Those naysayers' traps? We're hoping they're left agape in disbelief at what's going down on screen.

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