Considering what we've seen of Gossip Girl and Twilight, movies and TV shows inspired by popular young adult novels aren't always the most stimulating forms of entertainment. Thus, it's understandable if you assume that Pretty Little Liars, the hit ABC Family series adapted from Sara Shepard's famous book series on the same name (and starring Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Troian Bellisario) is no different. We can boldly say, however, that you've been missing out on two seasons of highly addictive cable television.

Before you scoff and rewatch the last few seasons of Breaking Bad, just answer a few simple questions. Do you like watching car chases and the scaling of tall buildings? Do you like murder mysteries? Do you have a libido? If you responded "Yes!" to one or all of the above, then you should give PLL, as it's called by its fans, as least one episode's worth of your time. 

But if your positive responses weren't enough to convince you to check out tonight's highly anticipated season three premiere, here are ten more reasons why you should unashamedly jump on the PLL bandwagon. We'll keep some seats open for you.

Written by Tara Aquino (@t_akino)

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