The final season of 30 Rock is nearly upon us, and thanks to creator and star Tina Fey herself, we now have a vague idea of what it's going to involve.

"I think the last 13 will be about her road, potentially, to motherhood," Fey told EW when asked about the upcoming season. "I don’t think we’ll be bringing in the 21st-century Webster." It makes sense, considering this past season was one of changes for Liz - she's in a stable relationship with James Marsden, her career is successful, and she's been seriously considering motherhood. "You do these series and you’re hoping to go for several years. You want the characters to grow but they can’t grow too quickly, so six years in, Liz has finally made some emotional growth, and for me, I thought that was a nice story and a nice moment for the character," Fey added.

But, the most important spoiler of all? "I tried to tell Selma Hayek that she has to come back. She said that she would and I’m going to hold her to that." Bring the final season on!

[via EW]