We were already totally excited about the next season of FX's brilliant series, Louie, but this news has got us practically at the edge of our seats anticipating the premiere: According to Vulture, we can expect both Jerry Seinfeld and Marc Maron to guest star next season.

News of Seinfeld's appearance hasn't been actually confirmed by anyone officially yet, but Chris Rock did answer a phone call from the comedian during an interview with Hollywood.com at a press junket for Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. According to the site: "...the interruption was for a good reason: Seinfeld was dropping Rock a line to chat about his day at work ... on the set of FX's Louie."

News of Maron's appearance, however, comes from the comedian himself on his Twitter. He recently tweeted from the set of the series, simply saying, "Heading out to shoot a scene with @louisck for his show." Brief and to the point, but it's enough for us.

Is it June 28th yet?

[via Vulture]

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