Stars: Louis C.K.
Premiere date: June 28

There really is no other show on the tube quite like the FX masterwork Louie. Single-handedly overseen by stand-up comedian and writing powerhouse Louis C.K., the unconventional half-hour series follows a fictionalized version of Louie through seemingly random vignettes, on-stage routines, and various candid and often uncomfortable affirmations of his many insecurities and failings.

At times, Louie feels like an angrier, more revelatory Woody Allen production, and, in other cases, it’s nightmare territory for middle-aged men dealing with similar anxieties. No matter its tonal preference in any given episode, though, Louie is always fearlessly honest, brutally hilarious, and wholly original; in other words, we don’t have a fucking clue how it’s still on the air, let alone alive for a third season. Salute yourselves, FX brass. —M.B.