Premiere date: July 9

Yes. Another reality show singing competition. But don’t worry, this won’t be like any Simon Cowell series, or even like NBC’s response to Simon Cowell’s success, The Voice. Though it is created by American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, Opening Act is setting itself apart by recruiting people who you may already actually recognize: YouTube stars. The lucky chosen ones are offered the opportunity to perform on tour with an A-list artists such as Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, Rod Stewart, and more.

The judges—though they won’t be judging so much as they’ll be putting them through a “performance boot camp”—include Mary J. Blige and Rock Mafia’s Antonio Armato (from the band that sings the Mob Wives theme song). We know you’re probably skeptical about reality singing competitions by now, and trust us, we are too, but this sounds just the right amount of interesting for us to give it a shot. —T.G.