Man vs. Food is Adam Richman's one-man mission to conquer as many food contests as humanly possible before his gastrointestinal system gives out. And Richman, who can stomach a mean amount of munchies in 30 short minutes, often victoriously rises to the challenge.

Richman has choked down more junk food in a single sitting than some of us could consume in a year, but that's not our chief concern. What worries us most is how much fun he makes it look. Sure, we expect he's incurred his share of gluttony-generated vomiting, but what's a little acid reflux when compared to getting paid to put down 12-pound bacon cheeseburgers, two-foot-long, three-pound burritos, and 42-inch pizzas. Hell, we'd do that for free.

So yeah, we're upset with Adam Richman—upset he has our dream job, and is probably better at it than we could ever be. But if he ever keels over and slips into a sausage-induced coma, we call first dibs on his gig.