Initial reports that Katy Perry was "blindsided" by Russell Brand filing for divorce from her last week are apparently untrue... according to TMZ, Perry was actually hoping it would be Brand to file the papers she didn't want to upset her religious parents by doing it herself.

Sources close to the couple divulged that the two knew they were pretty much doomed months ago, but each made an effort to try and save the marriage before they ended it. Ultimately, however, the feeling "just wasn't there," and Brand filed the papers. Perry didn't want to be the one to officially end the marriage because she was raised to believe divorce is wrong, and she didn't want to upset her parents.

In a statement Brand released after filing the papers, he insists the two are going to "remain friends." Considering new reports that point out there may have been no pre-nup between the two, we can only hope for their sake that he's telling the truth.

[Via TMZ]