It feels like a practice as ancient as hieroglyphics: Only a couple decades ago, passionate movie lovers with time to spare would walk into the nearest mom-and-pop video shop, rifle through the endless array of VHS tapes available for rental, and discover some obscure B-movie gem or catch up with popular hits they’d previously missed. A membership card was the key to the kingdom, and when the once-giant conglomerate Blockbuster Video established its dominance, the old dollar video spots held a nostalgic allure.

Flash forward to 2012, an Internet-controlled time when even Blockbuster has become, sad to say, irrelevant. These days, the equivalent to flipping through rental venues’ shelves is staring at a computer screen while investigating the archives of Netflix, which we so generously made ten times easier with our list of the best movies streaming right now.

In addition to the almighty Netflix, there’s also the option of downloading movies off of iTunes; unlike Netflix, however, iTunes requires a payment of, more often than not, $4.99 per flick, harking back to the leave-your-house rental days of yesteryear. Like we did with the Netflix streaming guide, allow us to make your searches infinitely simpler with our list of The 50 Best New Movies Available For Download On iTunes, focusing on current favorites you may have recently overlooked.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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