As one of Marvel’s longest tenured characters, Captain America has captured the idealism of America that swept through the country during World War II. Created to capitalize off of the superhero trend that was topping the charts through the comics industry in the late ‘30s, and then later instituted as propaganda material for the U.S. Army, Cap’s influence has been felt throughout comics for over seven decades.

He has been part of some of the best storylines that Marvel has ever put out and he has been at the center of some stories that nearly ruined the company, but no matter what happens to the character there is always going to be a creator waiting in the wings to revolutionize Cap for a new generation.

The story of a 100 pound weakling named Steve Rogers who gets transformed into a hero in order to fight America’s greatest threat is a timeless one that has spanned generations and influenced everyone that ever cracked open an issue. With Marvel set to launch Captain America #1 this Wednesday, we’re taking a look back at The 10 Best Captain America Stories of All Time!