Movie buffs who favor lurid and twisted entertainment would kill for a functional, and non-fictional, time machine. If such a contraption existed, folks who worship at the altar of directors Herschell Gordon Lewis and Lucio Fulci would travel back to sometime during the late 1960s through the early ’80s, when grindhouse cinema was in full effect. Whether at seedy drive-ins or even seedier rinky-dink theaters that barely passed inspection codes, genre enthusiasts would congregate and have a blast while watching some of the trashiest movies ever made.

Those kinds of films are dubbed as “exploitation,” for how they abused violence, sex, nudity, and gore. And now, thanks to first-time feature filmmaker Jason Eisener, exploitation flicks are back in pop culture’s subconscious. Opening in limited release this weekend, Hobo With A Shotgun, Eisener’s over-the-top and wicked debut, is a deranged salute to the grindhouse era. Rutger Hauer, who Complex interviewed recently, stars as a homeless guy who, along with his trusty prostitute sidekick, fights back against injustice by blowing holes in delinquents and basically causing salacious havoc.

As fun as Hobo With A Shotgun is, it’s still an homage; we’ll always prefer the original movies, made at a time when censors were on vacation and audiences embraced the disturbed. Join us as we travel back to the grindhouse venues of old to revisit The 10 Sickest Exploitation Movies. WARNING: These videos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK—or anywhere else, for that matter!