The first time the public ever laid eyes on Captain America, he was landing a right hook square on the jaw of Adolf Hitler in 1941's debut issue of Captain America Comics. Since then, Steve Rogers has evolved from a simple comic book character into a full-fledged pop culture icon. With his star-spangled suit and iconic shield, Captain America has been a symbol for American integrity, heroism, and grandeur for seven decades and attracted some of the best talent in the comic book business.

As the character of Captain America has gained momentum over the years, his books have become so popular that any comic book creator that works on a Cap story is instantly launched into the professional stratosphere. Artists from every generation have taken a shot at crafting a definitive look for the wing-eared Avenger, but only a handful have ever truly left a lasting mark on the character. With the big screen adaptation Captain America: The First Avenger hitting theaters this Friday, we’re taking a look back at The Top 10 Captain America Artists.

Written by Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1