Director: Frederic Jardin
Stars: Tomer Sisley, Serge Riaboukine, Julien Boisselier, Joey Starr, Laurent Stocker, Birol Unel

A crowd favorite at last September’s Midnight Madness, part of the world renown Toronto Film Festival, the French action-thriller Sleepless Night moves at a mile-a-minute pace—you’ll never have a chance to sit back and chill. Directed tightly by Frederic Jardin, the live wire affair stars an impressive Tomer Sisley as a corrupt cop determined to rescue his teenage son from the clutches of drug-dealing kidnappers, who are salty toward the officer for jacking some of their precious cocaine in a bungled narcotics scheme.

After a brief set-up, Sleepless Night settles into the single location of a crowded, labyrinth-like nightclub, where Sisley’s son is being held and where he’s forced to punch, kick, stab, and shoot his way through feisty cops and psychotic criminals. Under Jardin’s skilled watch, Sleepless Night charges through several clever twists and a few knockout action sequences, all on its way to a brave ending that’s sure to be divisive.

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