City: New York
Address: 76 Grand St.

With this pioneering gallery, Deitch Projects embraced the convergence of art, music, dance, film, and design in a way that neatly tied together all elements of the elusive "downtown" cool. Just before the Complex Decade began, Deitch hosted Street Market, an installation by Barry McGee, Steve Powers, and Todd James that would later find form in MOCA's "Art In The Streets" (co-curated, of course, by Deitch Projects founder Jeffery Deitch himself). In short, the gallery was instrumental in propping up the value of a new generation of art world outsiders and bringing street art into the mainstream. Swoon's floating exhibition on the Hudson and The Wynwood Walls Project in Miami proved the Deitch Projects idea could easily transfer beyond the walls of the original SoHo space. The gallery closed in 2010, but the legacy has yet to die.