Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of Presidential hopeful Ron Paul, is claiming that he was "detained" in an airport in Nashville today by the T.S.A.; however, airport representatives are disputing that and saying that Paul was simply restricted from moving into the secure wing of the airport to board his flight after refusing a security pat-down, according to ABC News.

Paul was screened by the T.S.A's wave-body imagining device when something on the Senator set off an alarm. But Paul refused to have T.S.A. agents give him the mandatory (and dignity robbing) pat-down that they have given countless Americans over the past few years, so a standoff was all but inevitable. Apparently the libertarian-leaning Paul wants the government to keep its hands off more than just hit wallet.

The standoff, however, didn't last long as Paul was quickly booked on another flight and passed through another screening without incident. This was all a moot point anyway as ABC News pointed out that the Constitution states that any federal lawmaker is immune to arrest or detainment while heading to the capital. 

[via ABC News]