Season: 3
Air Date: August 27, 2006

"Sorry, Ari" brings more satiric greatness as Vince and the gang go shopping for new agents, only to be disillusioned by the detached corporate-ness of it all ("Microsoft! Coca-Cola!...Vincent Chase!"). Drama may be the family's resident failure, but he's also the more experienced (he has a fishbowl full of agency business cards) and it's up to him to talks some sense into Vince and help his little brother realize that no other agency can duplicate Ari's true loyalty.

Alas, miscommunication is the death of all relationships. The episode's intelligent look at the Vince/Ari friendship is enough to help us ignore the fact that the impulse to fire him comes out of nowhere and is a bit overreactive. It's one hell of a mid-season cliffhanger, though.